Hiii folks! I’m wondering if anyone else doesn’t like movies in general. There are a select few movies that I saw for the first time as a child that I know by heart and still enjoy watching today (Mary Poppins and Legally Blonde to name a few), but I really don’t like watching movies for the first time. I don’t know if this is a “I don’t know what going to happen so I’m really uncomfortable” thing or something else. It should also be said that this only applies to fictional movie plots (but not fictional books), as I like nonfiction movies like documentaries etc. Cartoon movies are easier for me to watch but they still stress me out. I just feel so left out because who doesn’t like watching movies?! This is something all my friends and family like to do together but I really don’t enjoy it unless it’s a movie I’ve seen before.

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  • sapphic


    I have a hard time watching movies!! I rewatch all the same ones bc I’m familiar with them.. but when I’m watching them with others it’s really hard to not talk and explain things.. watching new movies is hard too bc I can’t pay attention enough and either miss something? If it doesn’t immediately interest me..

  • AnimalBoy


    New content can take emotional energy especially when you're nuerodivergent and if you don't like new things or the movie contains big plot twists, surprises, lots of tone and subtext, ect that can be hard to navigate but most fictional movies might be using during plot. This can get harder depending on things like content length and stimulation control, books can be easier because you can feel them and choose to stop at chapter breaks and frequently TV shows can be easier because they're broken up into episodes. Cartoons can add to the stimulation since they're frequently designed to be very stimulating for children so from ehat you said it sounds like your issue could be under stimulation from watching regular movies

  • Icky


    this is me with anything new. i watch the same shows over and over and the same movies. it's hard to watch new things or learn a new game or anything like that. my favorite movie since I was a kid has been Beetlejuice. I watch it at least 3 times a week

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