Hi all! I’ve been experiencing a flare that has been unsuccessfully addressed with a course of steroids and the addition of a fourth medicine. I’ve eliminated added sugar to my diet and i exercise daily. I am not a candidate for ablation or cyberknife. Any suggestions, I’m really starting to despair?!



Trigeminal Neuralgia (TGN)

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  • Lorita


    I get Carbamazepine and it really helps! It’s a drug for epilepsy but it helps Trigeminal Neuralgia as well ! For me it is really helpful!

  • Norah


    Hello Samantha. I’m treated with carbatrol. Before that I was treated with oxtellar, but I had too many flares. Have you heard of microvascular decompression surgery? If I’m correct, it’s considered to most effective surgery for our problem

  • pegigis


    My neurosurgeon talked to me about microvascular decompression surgery. However I haven't decided about it. My dad had it and it didn't work. He suffered terribly afterwards and made me promise not to. But his surgery was years ago. I had a lesser surgery to help migraines l was getting in the back of my head. It was occipital neurectomy. It did cure the Trigeminal Neuralgia but the flares feel a little less major.

  • pegigis


    Sorry did not cure TN

  • Wrenny


    Gabapentin is a life saver for me! I cried every day for at least ten years until I was prescribed gabapentin.

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