Processing speed:
Sometimes I feel like a faster than average learner. Sometimes I feel like a slower than average learner.
But I think its honestly neither. I'm a different learner.
For example, a video explaining how to do a task. I might need to watch it slightly slower and pause to reflect, but than I might execute it perfectly.
Or if someone is spelling a word or giving me a novel concept. I need to process it for a bit but than its in my long term memory.

I feel like its less to do with processing speed and more to do with neural networks. Like...the parts of my brains are connected in a different way and information is communicated and shared and stores by different parts differently than a NT brain.

Its just a hypothesis I have. Thoughts?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Telescopial


    Absolutely. I find that when metaphors/real life comparisons are used in teaching I am able to understand things so much better. Also, some things just click and others don’t. I love your dissection of this topic!

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