Hello. My name is Ariel, and I am a survivor. Next week I go into court to extend a restraining order on someone. This is my first time. Right now I only have an Emergency one that last till next week. This man continues to threaten me, and he has shown many students at the college my nudes. I contacted his ex for help, who has also been assaulted, and they won't let her speak at the hearing. I need some help. I am going through it. I'm trying to stay strong. I escaped this man 5 years ago, but he continues to disrupt my life.

Complex post traumatic stress disorder

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  • shrimplauncher


    You can do this. We believe in you here. I hope you get your restraining order and that she does eventually as well. Keep going. Nobody can fill the place in your life like you can. You are needed. Even if you feel like your days are unproductive or tiring or too much to bear or lonely or agonizing. It WILL get better as long as you keep going. And I know how ridiculously hard it is.

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