Does anyone else with PCOS have pain with their other symptoms? When I first got diagnosed my doctor said “most people don’t so it’s probably something else” But they weren’t treating my cysts so they kept bursting.


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Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)

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  • Bellaw_13


    I used to have pain on my left lower side all the time. My doctors near really cared too much about it

  • Mizz_Lizz13


    I always get cramps for like ten seconds where I have to stand still or it will hurt more. It’s only for that period of time and then it’s gone. Sometimes I’ll get spotting after or discharge

  • Skypenguin29


    Yes, I do get random ovary pains often and bad cramps sometimes.

  • MiaMia


    Just like everyone else here mentioned, I get random cramps that are alot worse when I'm on my period.

  • AK11


    There’s sadly not much you can do for cysts aside taking birth control and/or metformin. Lifestyle changes reduce the chances of them growing or bursting, like having better sleep and balanced blood sugar. They should not be continuously bursting though, you should get a thorough ultrasound or possibly a new doctor

  • charlie...1


    I have abdominal and vaginal pain every day, not sure if it's just from this though.

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