What’s are common side effects



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  • andromache


    I got diarrhea when I took it on an empty stomach in the morning lol

  • nutterbutter


    Definitely try to eat something when you take it even if it's small, it gives me bad tummy aches if I don't. Also not really a side effect but I've had a lot of issues of it getting stuck in my mouth so make sure u have plenty of water!

  • karakat


    I found that if I didn't eat when I took it, it made me horribly nauseous and would make me feel sweaty and shaky like if I had low blood sugar. Also, confusion! I'd take my meds and then forget I took them, or I was always misplacing my stuff.

  • frickerdoodle


    If you start on a high dose or lose consistency in your schedule when taking higher doses, the chance of developing a rash increases. I'm not talking about SJS, but a milder rash.

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