how do you handle having more than 1 person at a time tslk to you?i tend to shut down..walk away i just cant handle it

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • FigureSkater03


    I don’t handle it well. My processing won’t let me. I can only listen to one person talking at a time before I get sensory overload

  • Carolm


    Same here..i start going "wait wait stop i cant process this"

  • Amaryllis


    I get overloaded pretty fast. But I usually speak up and tell them to stop and go one at a time.

  • Charizard02


    Well I guess "lucky" for me nobody wants to talk to me, but if it happens I usually have to leave the room before I freak out

  • Weirdo


    Ever in a room of extroverts talking and they’re all talking little snippets of words all over each other and they all know what’s happening but I’m just sitting there in shock 😵‍💫🤐

  • karakat


    People who know me closely get a goofy rendition of "guys guys guys, my brain is lagging, let's try this again in a way where I can keep up" and normally they find the humor in it and are willing to say their piece one at a time or do a basic summary. If it's strangers/coworkers anything like that, I'll try to focus on the dominant piece of information, then ask the other people to repeat themselves or catch up with them when I'm not busy to re-visit what was said to me. That method isn't always feasible so then they get the "fake it till you make it" version lol

  • Jay55


    Most people typically don’t, even neurotypicals. It just seems that way because people are using body language to make sure everyone in the group feels listened to. But if you ask the person about how much they’ve comprehended from what was said, it’s only limited bits of information. That’s because people have to selectively listen to what they identify as “important”, because there’s no way someone can understand every single word from multiple people. When I’m talking to a crowd of people I pretend like I’m talking to a single individual, with the understanding that not everyone’s feedback is gonna stick. It takes a bit of practice and empathy to identify what’s important in conversations. It’s a skill that can definitely be learned, and one im still trying to grow! And please don’t feel self conscious about asking the other person to repeat what was said. People far more often appreciative that you’re trying to really listen to them rather than mad that you didn’t pick it up the first time :)

  • Overcomer


    Me too. I would shut down

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