Does anybody else with ADHD feel physically incapable of getting themselves to bed on time? I just want to do fun stuff and relax 😩


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  • IndyMonkee13647


    YESS!! I have a timer set for 11:45 to got to bed at the absolute latest and STILL go to bed around 1-2 at night! This is really bad because I work 12 hours shifts maybe 2-4 times a week and my schedule is very crazy!

  • Ruthieeee


    Yes oh my god like I can be tired but I just wanna do all the “nothing” stuff

  • UnderstatedWit


    I used to. But I started tearing sleep hygiene like a game, and hyperfixated a bit. Now it's mostly second nature.

  • poodlelover28


    Sometimes. I have to fight myself to put my phone down at times. If I remind myself I'm going to be more tired if I don't go to bed right now, that usually does the trick.

  • Future_Dr._Zebra


    Yup my brain can easily switch on if activated by something stimulating, and then somehow it’s 4am 😩 The key is to put the phone down and practice mindful deep breathing, but it’s definitely tough

  • junovesta


    i only want to do fun stuff and be relaxed 24/7 plus i have insomnia so i'm restless naturally and cannot sleep if i try

  • Maebs


    I can never get out of bed on time or get to bed on time.

  • LyricRainn111


    Every. Freaking. Night 🤦🏽‍♀️ it’s so frustrating!

  • Slayeveryday


    Yesss!! I have insomnia too so that makes it wayyy worse 😥

  • E_belli


    Oh my gosh, yes! Every damn night! I generally get about 4.5-5.5 hrs of sleep a night and my meds (Vyvanse) give me enough boost to make it through most of the day and then I get tired. Sleep for an hour at 6 when the meds leave my system. And then am up late again like you, wanting to just have relaxing time and do nothing after a long work day. And get up at like 5:30AM, it doesn't work too well! Right there with youuu!

    • SleepyKitten


      I have never related to something more in my life omg 😅😂

  • Rain_51


    I’m literally reading this at 4:28am LOL

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