Hi! I’m FTM trans and known for years. I have my first appointment with a doctor to start HRT tomorrow. For some reason I’m terrified that they are going to tell I’m not I’m trans or something discouraging like that. If you’ve had this appointment already, what was it like?

Gender Dysphoria

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  • lionsden


    honestly as long as you're not a minor people won't really doubt you, the people who ive tried to see for HRT that seemed hesitant about it just referred me out to others.

  • Ghost_Cat


    It's very unlikely that they'll doubt you! It depends on the state and what group you're getting HRT from, but for me they literally just asked me to describe my transition goals and if I had any dysphoria and if so to describe it and then I was good to go. Very little questioning at all. I get mine through planned parenthood.

  • dogdad13


    They just asked me if I felt dysphoric and what things I would change about myself to alleviate that feeling (I said I mostly want a beard) and then I was good to go

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