How do you get back into practice of socializing?

I have social anxiety. It used to be awful but slowly and surely in my twenties it eased up and I felt more confident and relatively “normal.” Last year I moved to a new city to be with an s/o and I got a remote job. We broke up and I am since I’m home everyday 8-5 I feel like I never leave the house and all that social anxiety is back. A few years ago I got to the point where I even felt comfortable arriving to bars and parties alone. I went to workout classes 5+ times a week. Today I am anxious knowing I need to go shop for groceries. I feel awful and lonely but the thought of starting signing up for a yoga class or something makes me nauseous. It’s like the medicine is also the disease.

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  • gurspaceport


    Do it gradually. Go to town and do something small like getting coffee. Some places even have an order online option so you don't have to interact that much. Stay for as long as you're comfortable. Slowly work up from there. Often feeling comfortable in public spaces is a learned skill you have to practice. Don't even socialize at first. Start by just existing in public and work up from there.

    • Wesj75


      that's really good advice. Thx

    • HailsYeah


      this is very solid advice, thank you. I think I will try to go to a coffee shop this Saturday morning and if I feel comfortable maybe stay and study for a bit

  • KratomEater


    I was the same way, I had pretty bad social anxiety. as I got older it got better. But now that I’ve gone so long without being social being in a new city and “covid” it’s been hard to make new friends. Go slow and don’t be hard on your self. You are your best friend, be encouraging and try listen to this while you sleep https://youtu.be/KvPlrreN7s4

  • taylortotsssss


    hey, i totally feel you! i used to be a social butterfly growing up, but once i got to high school, i became more of an introvert. when going to college + covid, i developed social anxiety and that’s where everything kind of went up & downhill. i would recommend starting out by trying to meet new people through mutuals and or people on here. that would be a great way for you guys to connect if yk some of the same people and or can talk about things that each another are going through. try to be more open to the new opportunities ahead, instead of constantly closing yourself off. let the change happen little by little! also don’t be hard on yourself, if that’s something that you do. cause i do lol.

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