Does anybody else struggle with being too hard on yourself when it comes to having a hard time doing tasks that seem simple to other people. I want to be kinder to myself because I know what I have makes things like getting out of bed or eating more difficult


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  • Hale


    yes absolutely! entirely not fun, i’m on so many meds that i’m in almost a constant brain fog and just trying to learn something or leave my apartment can be very overwhelming. It feels like it takes way too much to just go out and hang with a friend, i unfortunately would rather just stay in bed and watch tv :(

  • Potatolamp


    Me just don't know how to change

  • Vavalynn


    I feel like it depends on the day. Some days I just accept it and it’s all good. Other days I am very hard on myself and push through when I shouldn’t. I was completely wiped out this last Friday, had a headache, joint pain was high and was having some gastro issues- so I called in sick, stayed home and rested. I wouldn’t normally do that and would have just pushed through the day.

  • beezle


    My OCD punishes me every time I mess up. If I'm not perfect I'm disgusting. Reality checks from my husband help me most, he lets me know that my mistakes are just mistakes, and that doesn't define me as a person.

  • Taitoons


    I do I just started working at AT&T and I feel so pressured by myself to do everything right. Then I mess everything up. Then I’m even more hard on myself for messing everything up.

  • Sunshine01


    I do get irritated that I let others down by not being able to do as much as they can

  • Bluebonnet


    Absolutely. Took me years to learn how to give myself grace. I am not everyone else, I do have chronic illnesses, I can't expect to function like a normal person because I'm not normal. It's hard some days still, but once you accept your capabilities, and what is hard to you is different than everyone else. It does get easier. Breathe, be easier on yourself, don't be afraid to ask for help. Eventually you will find a routine of how to work around harder days or tasks and you won't feel that as much.

  • ___


    YES. I have ADHD and I don’t always have the energy to do everything I need to do, and I am always super hard on myself for it. It’s really annoying to me. Sorry I don’t have tips for you but thanks for letting me vent

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