Hello! So I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2014, my only symptoms being that I was extremely short and underweight (malnourishment) for my age. I have been strictly gluten free since, but recently I have been having some other issues and I'm not sure why. I used to get a feet pimples every now and then but always had relatively clear skin, but ever since September I've had horrible acne along my jawline/chin/cheeks. It was so deep and left scars, even though I did not pick at it at all. I have also been constantly tired, having mood swings, more hair falling out that usual, irregular periods, and bad headaches. I did some research and scheduled an appointment with an endocrinologist, to see if it's anything like my thyroid or PCOS. Has anybody else with celiac experienced this? I know we are more susceptible to other diseases/disorders, and I've been really worried about it. It came out of nowhere, and I have not ingested or been exposed to gluten at all, and I'm really careful about it.


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    I meant a few* pimples, not a "feet". Oops

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    A lot of what you’re describing are puberty/hormone dependent symptoms, is it possible that your body is just playing catch up now that it has the nutrients to actually do what it needs to do? I was also extremely short and malnourished growing up and I was diagnosed with celiac in 2019 and months after going gluten free I started getting heavier, longer lasting, and more frequent periods (pre-diagnosis I was lucky to get even 4 a year, post I was getting them roughly every 40 days). Getting on birth control entirely regulated my cycle, reduced the bleeding, almost completely eliminated the pain, stopped me from fainting during my period, reduced the acne breakouts the days leading up to my period, etc. Unfortunately, I can’t speak on the mood swings and low energy as much even though I experience them as well because for me, they’re obviously explained by my depression. You’re right that you are more susceptible to other medical issues, but it may be worth to attempt to exhaust the more common “this is hormonal” or “this is stress induced” solutions first. You know your pain and your body best though, use your best judgement.

    • roblox


      hi, thank you for the response! I definitely did take into account hormonal issues which I will definitely ask a doctor about and get some tests done, and I was wondering if a lot of it was from stress since I'm a new college student and I'm still kinda adapting to the workload and everything.

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