As a person with Lupus, we’re you still required to take the COVID vaccine? If so, did it effect your health or anything?
If you weren’t obligated to take the vaccine, we’re you able to get a note or a pass to not take it?


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  • EmilyRose


    I received my first two doses of the vaccine before my diagnosis. After my diagnosis, I consulted my rheumatologist about getting my booster and she highly recommended it. Being that we have lupus, we are immune compromised and therefore we must be extra vigilant in protecting ourself from any sort of sickness - especially Covid. I feel confident that I’ve made the best choices for my health, but you have to make the best choice for yourself. Do you feel hesitancy towards getting the vaccine?

  • Mz505


    Yes it affected my health and was the worst decision ever with both doses I got very sick. I still don’t have my taste back unless things are way to sweet, salty, bitter or burnt along with my memory and on top of that I’m diabetic and it made my blood sugars go all crazy highs or lows and my appetite is hardly anything to none. I will not be getting the booster. I had covid 2x as well one before they said anything about COVID and the other in the summer of last year.

  • Heyo


    Wow Mz505, I hope things get better for you and that you recover from COVID and become stable to where you’re comfortable. That’s what I’m afraid of. With EmilyRose’s case, they came out fine, but with yours, it was the opposite. I afraid to make the choice of getting the vaccine and becoming in a worse state than before. I know that there or professionals stating that lupus patients should definitely get it, but there aren’t a 100% sure that it would help us and this is proof right here. I think I’ll just stay contained in my home and work through not making contact with people until it is widely in control to where we can operate outside safely. Thank you for the perspectives. I hope all is well for everyone ♥️

  • Passyon


    No I haven’t gotten the shot. No I don’t have a note or anything however I’m extra cautious (double mask, Stay away from crowds, etc) My Drs said it was my choice and all I’ve known who took it fell ill and had low antibodies

  • Heyo


    Thank you Passyon

  • ChronicIconic


    I’ve had both shots and booster which my rheumatologist highly highly stressed to get. I’m on methotrexate (low dose chemo) for my lupus so I’m even further immunocompromised. First shot I felt horrible. The second and third were worse. Besides the immediate side effects I’ve had no lingering effects from the vaccine and even though it was rough getting through it, I’m glad to be as vaccinated as possible.

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