How long have you been suffering with JRA?

Still's Disease

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  • GardenQueen


    I was diagnosed when I was 15 so I’ve had it for three years now

  • painstar


    I was diagnosed when I was 2 and now I’m 19, so 17 years with a few years of remission here and there

  • jaimeme


    diagnosed when i was 17, i'm almost 21 now

  • shrinkydink


    Diagnosed at 13. Now almost 26!

  • Kodea


    Diagnosed at 3, remission at 10, living a very painful existence at 27

  • Mothra


    I was diagnosed at 2 years old, I'm now 18 and have been dealing with it for 16 years. It's a struggle but it's nice to have support from my friends

    • Magpie3


      hey same! I rarely meet people who were diagnosed at a young age, I was also diagnosed at 2 and I’m 18 now

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