I'm in so much pain and it's really affecting my mental health.

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  • Tomato


    Hey I’m sorry to hear that. Wanna share your story?

    • Neverlandgirl


      I have juvenile psoriatic arthritis, for the past 2 years since my diagnosis I have been trying many different combos of meds and nothing has worked. So I've been in constant pain with no relief for almost 5 years now. The diagnosis gave me some hole of finding relief but nothing has worked so far and that hope has faded away.

  • Kingsdaughter


    Can you tell me what this diagnosis is I never heard of it?

    • Neverlandgirl


      I have juvenile psoriatic arthritis, which means I have psoriatic arthritis that developed before the age of 16. And if you aren't sure what that is, in simple and short terms my immune system is attacking my joints

  • Magpie3


    Hey, I get it, I’m in constant pain, ever since I’m was 2 and I’m 18 now, I had polyarticular JIA and then later on it “upgraded” to AS. Take everyday one at a time. Know your limits, I live under a heated blanket most days. The climate of my region is winter 75% of the year. Try some daily stretches, and remember it takes time for your body to react to medication as well as finding the best ones for you. What sucks most about getting it at a young age is that your body has an easier time “out growing” it. You got this! I believe in you!

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