Is it normal to not take meds for adhd

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • LunaLover


    I haven't taken any for years

  • Bubblez


    I've never because by the time that I figured out what it was I had already learned to manage it all my own.

  • Kitty23


    Sure! It totally depends on all your different individual needs and wants. I took meds when I was in school and when I was working and don't think I could've managed without them; now I'm mostly housebound from my physical disabilities and feel uncomfortable and agitated when I take meds.

  • Spud


    I mean not everyone wants meds, can afford meds, and needs meds. It's very normal for someone with adhd to not be medicated

  • Tiggerr


    I'm 23 and haven't taken meds since I was 11

  • Kasey


    I was off my meds for 10 years because the type I was on didn't help me but now that I'm older realizing it's brain chemistry I take them for my own sake. I have been more productive and happy on meds but it was a struggle finding the right medication for your body as well.

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