Hi all. My name is Andrea. I was diagnosed with AS about a month ago. My doctor is going to put me on Humira and I'm waiting for insurance approval. I have really bad anxiety when it comes to starting new medications and their side effects. Please tell me Humira is okay. As far as I know I will be doing the injections.


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  • Berrygray


    Hi! I just got diagnosed recently with AS myself but have been on humira for about 10 months because it works for my crohns too and humira has been amazing for me! Im a person who always seems to get all the side effects from any medication but with humira the most i get is a little itching/redness at my injection site the next day and that goes away pretty quickly. Hopefully this helps ease some anxiety!

    • Nature


      Thank You, yes it does

  • Maof4


    Hello there...I have not been diagnosed but just found out that I have a partially fused vertebrae in my L1-l2...I have osteoarthritis and DDD and Rheumatoid arthritis. I woke up one morning and couldn't walk in so much pain about a month ago and nothing they have done is helping much at all. Just at a loss. I ran across this and a light bulb went off...really sounds like what I've been dealing with.

  • useless


    Hi! I don't think you have anything to worry about with the humira. It worked well for me with no side effects. I did the injections and the only problem I had was finding enough to pinch so I could give myself the injection. (I was way underweight). It took a short while to start feeling the benefits, but we'll worth the wait. I wish these meds were available when I was finally diagnosed. I believe I would be in a much better condition. Good luck and best wishes on your journey.

  • Selina1Kyle1


    I've been on Humira for about 4 months now, so far it's been the only thing that works for me at all, I'm on a .40 every 2 weeks but we may have to up the dose for full effectiveness. The shot is so easy (just like an epi-pen), humira will send out a nurse to do your first shot with you & they will continue to check in on you (unless you choose to do it at an infusion center) also ask humira about discounts thru specialist pharmacies my co-pay went from $190 for 2 shots down to $5 for 2 shots. They have the 'complete' app that you can track everything in (super convenient for dr appointments) it even reminds you to take your shot & where your last 1 was. I only had 1 headache with my 1st shot & a bruise after I did a shot to quickly after a hot shower, other than that I suggest doing it at night because your first few shots you will get extremely tired & sleep after.

  • KitKat1450


    I’m in the same boat- finally recently diagnosed and doc wants me to start humira but I typically get horrible side effects from most medications. And I constantly get sinus infections. I did just read that the risk for infection within the last few years for those on it has only been for pneumonia and not increased for other infections. But that was one study but it has helped my anxiety about starting it a bit. You aren’t alone I’m really anxious about starting it too.

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