I've been vomiting every time I eat for three months. Is there a better way to handle this than to just not eat? The only thing I can rely on is grapes (even liquids come back up).

Chronic Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea and Vomiting


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  • Meg678


    Have you had an EDG/endoscopy and/or a gastric emptying test?

    • rigamarole


      my GI wants to do an endoscopy, but I guess I need cardiac clearance first, so the cardiologist wants to do several tests that are all months between each, so I'm just in limbo while I wait for all these tests

  • Tebe_kakes


    I would speak with your primary doctor and ask about FD Guard and IB Guard. They are over the counter meds that really helped me through the journey about finding out about my chronic vomiting and nausea. One helps you eat and soothes your tummy and the other helps with vomiting and nausea. Ask if that is something you can take.

  • blulavender


    Endoscopy for sure. And as many high calorie/ healthy liquids as possible.

  • nikkikole


    Ive been dealing with it for years now but its gotten so much worse in the last 3 years and ive had an endoscopy done and they found nothing still have no answers on why. My mother was the same we she died and we never found out what hers was either

  • Moochie


    I’ve taken zofran and famotidine 40mg it’s been doing ok for now

  • Craftycatlady


    I found my chronic nausea was connected to my endometriosis. Was vomiting daily prior to excision surgery and have gotten relief since. Maybe researching and finding an actual excision specialist to at least establish care with them would be helpful

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