how do you get through days when you remembered too late you forgot to take your medicine and now you have to wait the next day to take it?
how do you handle the symptoms of withdrawal possibly, or is this not normal to feel like I'm going through withdrawals when I forget to take the medicine at my normal time everyday!?

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  • Ladoo


    I think it's normal to feel withdrawals because taking medicine becomes a routine/habit. I know if I would miss one day i'd feel out of character or make me feel anxious.

  • Couch_Potato


    This is normal! Missing one day can make you feel off and not ok. I just try to push through the depression when I forget to take my meds. A lot of times I end up staying in bed most of the day until work and then I come back to bed. I wish I had a better answer for you on how to manage the symptoms.

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