Hello to all. I'm almost 60, & I've had Spina bifida since birth 59 now, & I have scoliosis too. I work in customer service retail, I feel like my job should accommodate by allowing me to sit on low chair, to stock shelves, instead of bending over MORE. & To have access to aleast a stool, whenever my back needs a rest, at the register! Am I asking to much??

Kyphosis & Scoliosis

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  • bugger


    Definitely not, they should accommodate to your situation more if they're expecting you to work happily

  • Tarb


    Not at all

  • goofybanana


    Jobs are legally required to provide reasonable accommodation through ADA

  • Meggy2327


    Not at all!!! Report them to HR if they won't accommodate you!! I worked as a hostess and even then they let me sit down when I wasn't seating people.

  • shimshim


    Not at all at least your willingness to work vs all these that won't best of luck you gotta take care of you before anyone else

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