I think these findings about TS are interesting. What are your thoughts and/or your experiences?

"Individuals with Turner syndrome often display social difficulties that are reminiscent of those associated with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD), conditions associated with empathy and mirror-neuron system (MNS) deficits"

"Thus, our findings suggest impaired detection of negatively valanced empathic interactions in TS"

Gonadal dysgenesis

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  • Diabetty



  • Meerkatgal


    Are you diagnosed with TS? I am. I would love to DM. I was diagnosed with non-verbal learning disability (sadly not in the DSM) and combined-type ADHD by my neuropsychologist because he believes that it better reflects the role that the genetic condition has in altering brain structure and chemistry.

    • roseyy


      Hey. I has TS and most likely ADHD-I

  • haleymay


    I never heard of the mirror neurons before ... I googled it... it makes sense with me

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