Hi, just curious, I guess. What was the process for receiving your diagnosis? I was diagnosed with major depression, then bipolar disorder, then schizophreniform, bipolar with psychotic features. It took a long time to reach my ending diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder bipolar type. But it was developing over all that time, I suppose.

Schizoaffective Disorder (SZA, SZD or SAD)

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  • Tony60


    As you said, I think it really takes some time to see the episodes you're going through and how you feel between them. I do have to say it's just a title and doesn't really matter as long as you find the right treatment for you.

  • RionWilde


    Yeah, I agree. It's just sad to see even people who have very forward and alarming symptoms not reach a diagnosis and get the help they need for years. It probably doesn't happen so often anymore, we are a lot better in terms of mental health.

  • RionWilde


    You are right about them just being titles. Honestly, I think if I could easily explain my condition without the name, people would be a lot more accepting.

  • DoctorStrangeS1mp


    The reason people aren’t accepting is the stigma around mental health sadly. However the diagnosis helps me feel less “crazy” per say. I’ve had doctors write me off as a young autistic person on my own trying to figure out what was wrong with me. This wasn’t one of my hard to get diagnosis but knowing what was going on did help even if I denied it at first. I still have issues where new doctors don’t believe old diagnosis and stuff

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