In my schizo-affective..I have visiting Spirits maybe human spirits..I don't really know..does anyone else? What do u think they are and why?


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  • Dustmann


    I believe very much in spirits, I know I'm no medium, but I have encountered ghosts. Unfortunately this does not go over well with my schizophrenia. I'm often fooled I'm experiencing the paranormal when it's my symptoms most of the time. It takes real discernment to know the difference, and I can't always tell.

    • AsianSunshine


      how can u tell they r ghosts? U said u think it's your brain?

  • Dustmann


    @AsianSunshine Well I've seen ghosts, they were shadowy figures, but that was when I was on medicine that had no effect. Deep psychosis. When on my medicine I experienced doors opening and closing and light switches being flicked off. So it's real sometimes and not others. Yeah, I do think it's my brain/illness most of the time. However if I'm on my meds and well, experiencing ghosts, I have to consider the possibility it's real.

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