Since my physical health problems have progressed, I’ve stayed home more since I get uncomfortable around my friends very easily. I’ll want to hangout with someone and as soon as they get there I don’t want to hangout anymore. My friends make me laugh and I like them. But when I’m with them in person I hate being around them. I crave interaction with others so I’m not understanding why it’s like this with friends. With strangers I’m perfect

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Misssmalz


    I completely understand that , It’s like you want the interaction but don’t , try to put yourself in a mindset apart from your routine it’s not comfortable because I did the same thing and I made myself uncomfortable around my friends ;( hope it gets better 🙏

  • Philly4


    Wow, I totally get this! Honestly, what has helped me a lot is being open and honest with my friends about how I’m feeling. When they know what’s going on, sometimes you can feel all the more safe to be how you need around them and in exchange Can enjoy yourself more.

  • MagicalManatee


    I really relate to that

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