So i took 2 doses of water pills yesterday thats 4 tablets and instead of peeing a lot im having bad diarrhea where my asshole burn’s because the only thing that coming out is water now so i was wondering if this ever happened to anyone??


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  • Willow_Rose


    I’ve never been in that situation before. I can’t imagine what that is like. Did you take more than you should have?

  • RareEyez86



  • margaretscarry


    God that sounds horrible. Havent personally experienced it but its happened to a loved one on water pills before. Take care of yourself okay.

  • Anika5361


    I have had diarrhea that bad before and it is horrible !! I take Imodium at the first sign of diarrhea now. I no longer have that problem.

  • Fwd1982


    No i took 2 pills in the morning and then 2 pills after 4 hours like it said in the box i went to urgent care and they told me not to use the water pills anymore

  • Dani1217


    I’ve never even heard of tbese

  • Journie


    Yes. I have definitely had this problem before. The only difference is I only took 2 tabs in a 24 hour period!

  • Meeyah


    Yes use Vaseline on your behind it works wonders.

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