Anyone experience weight gain with spironotactone? It piled on when I started and nothing I do helps me loose the added pounds.


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  • Momma6


    What dose are you currently taking? I take only 25 mg and it’s for my PCOS for extra hair growth and it’s hard to tell if it’s the medication that’s causing the weight gain or if it’s just my diet. But I have also gained a lot of weight since starting spironolactone

  • MedicalAnomaly


    I’m on 25 twice a day and I’ve gained about 5-10 pounds since starting it about 2 months ago. Hard for me to say whether it’s diet or the meds but my appetite has definitely changed since starting the meds

  • AnaAstarte


    I have gained weight since being on it, but like everyone else it’s hard to tell if it’s my diet contributing

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