Does anyone still have side effects at 5 weeks ok escitaloprám?

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  • JenaK


    What kind of side effects are you having? The only one I remember was dry mouth and that eventually went away for me!

    • Noey


      some exasperated nervousness and I am still having the need to take deep breaths when I don't need to.

  • keallei


    My only side effects I remember were exhaustion/excessive tiredness/sleepiness on 10mg so I decided to split them and been on 5mg and the tiredness is now a normal amount and I get the brain “buffer” effects that “filter” out my hyper awareness and help me mood regulate.

  • Leonibaloni


    The recommended time frame to give a new psychiatrist medication a try is 8 weeks. If after 8 weeks you ate still experiencing side effects, you may want to try a different medication

  • Percival


    Personally no, but overall I handled getting on the medication pretty well with only one or two days of issues. If you're concerned definitely talk to your doctor or psychiatrist, but make sure you're taking them at a roughly consistent time.

  • Hass


    I have trouble with medications I general. The escitalopram worked well for me, but only in the second try. The first time I had side effects. The second try, a few years later, I started with a super low dose-2.5mg, and went up slowly to 10mg. I e tolerated this well for about 3 years now. I hope you find success!

  • Leonibaloni


    Any psychiatric medication has a recommended trial period of 8 weeks because thats the minimum timeline it takes for most medications to take effect and for side effects to subside. That being said if the side effects are effecting you enough to be unhappy than I would consider a med change

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