Hey! Does anyone else have a hard time with their eyes? My pupils will randomly get super dilated, and I'll feel like I'm flaring even though my heart rate is normal. I read that pupil dilation goes hand in hand with autonomic dysfunction.

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

acute lethargy

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  • gymdog


    Yep! Mine like to get "wiggy" and go in and out frequently and it makes it hard to focus. I also have it where they stay dilated tho. It is your sympathetic nervous system overacting (as is does with POTS)

  • dramaLlama


    My pupils are usually very wide and unresponsive right before and during an episode

  • Nugget98


    Yes I get this! Especially if I don’t take my medication. Sometimes my eyes also randomly feel like their moving back and forth really quickly.

    • honeyscape


      YEAH! and you can't track anything with your eyes?

  • NewYork


    Yes, my vision will randomly get blurry. I’ve also noticed that my pupils are often different sizes

  • Officialishness


    I don’t think my eyes dilate much but I do get flare symptoms at normal HR occasionally. I’ll be laying down and it’ll feel like my heart is about to crash and I get short of breath, my o2 usually dips but my HR is fine? If yours is similar and you find out why, shoot me a message 🥲

  • rylesmcgyles


    Yes, I noticed this the other day during one of my symptom flare-ups. I didn’t get a chance to look if my pupils were dilated but I found myself squinting as if I couldn’t see and my eyes felt super heavy and tired.

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