Has anyone else needed glasses because of their TBI (and was anyone able to ditch the glasses after treatment)?

Intracranial Injury

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  • Y0g1


    I’ve worn glasses forever but after my multiple concussions in 1 year I realized I needed to update my prescription- even now I still find myself closing one eye to see things clearly.

  • KirbyWirby


    Good news! Talked to my neurologist today, he hadn't realized when/why I got my glasses so didn't mention it, but when I told him he said I'd probably be able to stop wearing the glasses after treatment! My TBI is a brain stem injury caused by skull and spin misalignment and he's confident he can help me out. Very excited!

  • Thomas512


    I didn’t wear glasses before my TBI

  • Traumatoad


    YES 😥 Several pair for over a year. I ended up with one pair that has some prism correction. Vision specialist knew me well.

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