Hi my name is Bailey. What are the best antidepressants to take?


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  • twentyonepilots


    That's impossible to answer without knowing exactly what you're going through. 🙂 I'm currently taking Zoloft, started about 2 months ago, and I would say it's doing an okay job at stopping severe depressive episodes. However... It also muffles feelings of extreme pleasure and happiness. I figured I would share my experience, because I've only been on one type of AD. Hope this helps 💚

  • ClockworkCrow


    That really depends on what your body wants, and none of us can figure that out. Antidepressants are definitely a trial and error sort of thing in the medical realm as far as we’ve experienced. We had taken one that we do not remember the name of for and it was not helping one bit, plus it caused us to lose 37 pounds in a year, more than half of that over the course of 3 months. After we talked it over with our psychiatrist we were switched over to Lexapro, both an Antidepressant and an anxiety medication, and it helped a ton! There aren’t any issues, and its affected us greatly! Point is, we cant exactly tell you what’s perfect for you, since medications work differently for everyone, but at least there’s the ability to have trial and error. Fear not, there aren’t any truly terrible side effects that I’ve heated of among them, so don’t worry about dying or getting seriously sick if one doesn’t work right for you. It may take a while, but there’s a lot of antidepressants our there, and surely there will be one that’s right for you!

  • Kid


    To reiterate what others are saying in this thread, it does indeed depend on your body, conditions, what you are looking for/preferences etc.! for instance ive heard some people say their lives were changed by lexapro, but when i tried lexapro, it had little to no effect on me. in my experience, prozac is my life savior. however ive seen some people not prefer Prozac for certain side effects (ex. it decreases sex drive) so talk to your psychiatrist and get a professional opinion

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