Any advice on if I should bring a cane to college? I've never used one before, but on some really bad leg/knee/ankle days, I've thought it could be helpful. But I'm unsure if I should or even could. While I'm getting accommodations for my fibro, I don't intend to bring up a cane because again, not formally used one and feel most of the time that I don't need one. But I feel it may be helpful especially since my campus is supposed to be hilly

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  • kingseijuro


    you should keep one in your car! then it's there on days that you may need it. also legally they are required to allow you to have a mobility assistance even WITHOUT formal disability accommodations. as long as it doesn't get super in the way, no one will care about whether or not you have those accommodations(:

    • blue89


      thank you so much for the advice and support!

  • PeppermintAnn


    it's okay to allow yourself mobility aids even if you don't formally need one! it might be a nice thing to have around just in case of a bad day. i had a friend who used a cane to get to class to class bc our campus is definitely on an incline and there's lots of uneven sidewalks.

  • LemonSnicker


    I’ve learned to really assert yourself with what you need! I always been shy and had a hard time with downplaying my needs, therefore others would downplay them. But at the end of the day, it’s about making life more manageable and enjoyable for you, so don’t be afraid to use your voice and state your needs! Whatever helps you! :)

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