I'm tired and exhausted maybe just more exhausted... I'm that girl who is always making people laugh and smile and feel better I will even go into over drive making people laugh and smile if my attempt fail in the beginning..... I'm exhausted I've been closing myself off I lost my job so that didn't help and no one is hiring so mote depression we live with inlaws his not mine. I leave my house to do errands and only when he's home save on gas. I keep getting "nice of you to grace us with your presence" like it's not a mystery where I am yall can come see me IF YOU WANTED TO, I'm in such a depression and all they want is jokes and laughs and an act and I'm totally and utterly exhausted. I've had issues with addiction but man a pill induced sleep sounds amazing, to fall down the rabbit hole and only come up when I feel it the right time but I wont I can't so I'll just be exhausted.... any tips

acute lethargy


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