Has anyone heard of Dr. David Hanscom? He was on Good Morning America.

Chronic Low Back Pain

Generalized pain

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  • Jewels18


    Wow I just read this whole article. I was familiar with the concepts he was speaking about regarding chronic pain. There’s an actual condition called amplified musculoskeletal pain syndrome (AMPS) that aligns directly with what he said. I went through treatment for amps several years ago and it didn’t help and actually made my real back issue worse. I did have surgery Jan 2021 but unfortunately I have to have another one because I got reinjured. I am going to read the book and look at the website he mentioned. Thank you for this.

  • CanIborrowaSpoon34


    Thank you for this ivvoufht his two books and they have already been SO helpful… you posted this article to me and I swear my pain has decreased a bit since reading it and also aided making decisions moving forward with my back health

  • heartofgold


    Amazing! That’s so great to hear. I just downloaded the app Menda from that blog. It’s pretty helpful too going into all the science

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