All doctors only know “sorry we don’t know what’s wrong” and “well have you tried ibuprofen?” Yes i’ve tried ibuprofen and every other pain medication you can get at the pharmacy they don’t work.


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  • HeyReese


    Same friend, same. I take soo much ibuprofen. And the older I get, the more scared I get about my poor kidneys 🥺

  • wise


    I have literally cried when a doctor was willing to give me a few doses of prescription painkillers for acute stuff, like throwing out my back or breaking my arm (both things I've been denied pain meds for in the past). Tbh you might just have to cry about it a little in front of them for anyone to take your pain seriously

    • mrchaos


      my mother only believed how bad my pain was when i broke down crying in front of her 😅

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