has anyone been able to integrate the personalities

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • Amarrente


    I've been trying, and in most part by not talking about it or thinking about it. We all respond to the body's name, and if someone notices a difference, we chalk it up to mood swings.

  • reyna0525


    💕thank you for the information 🙏

  • reyna0525


    Do you still have the doctor number

  • Sunshine_Sue


    Hi, I started the integration process 20 years ago. It took about ten years to be totally free. But I am free as far as I know. I have memory issues so to other issues I have but I don’t lose time anymore.



    I'm in inner healing with a lady that has been doing this for over 40 yrs. I've had 6 integrated and I still have 6 that I'm aware of. It takes time.

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