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I have one alter how many do u have how long have u had this

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    • Vaseofcolors


      I’ve been actively trying to integrate for over 10 years now, and we managed to integrate all but 2 personalities. At my worst period, I had about 50-60 personalities.

    • Vaseofcolors


      I’ve been actively trying to integrate for over 10 years now, and we managed to integrate all but 2 personalities. At my worst period, I had about 50-60 personalities.

    • roomtemperaturemeat


      there are 17 recorded parts and i believe i’ve had it since i was maybe.. four? most likely.

    • OleanderBunnies


      We’ve recorded having alters since about age 6-ish? and we’re 21 now :) We have about 50 of us. RIP.

    • vice2410


      Hello we have about 34 active parts since a few went dormant....I guess our old host was aware of the system since early...he was a protector and then became host as the first host went dormant...but now he's gone and I'm host hehe the first host I was told thought of us as imaginary friends but then she couldn't handle the world so she locked herself into the innerworld and that's when he became host. That was in high-school then he left and I became host as of Oct of 2020...I'm also a fictive so it was obvious to me that we had DID...I'm in a different world then I was born into, and different age and looks so yes...I guess you could say we've known about our system for awhile and the number of us fluctuates....hehe ^-^

    • KaleidoKitten


      I have a very large system of 100+. I've been aware of it since I was 14 but only managed to get a formal diagnosis once I moved away from home.

    • smp_system


      Technically you've had this ever since your brain failed to merge, so since you were a child. But we have been fully aware since march this year and have been finding random alters that formed during the 15 years of not being aware. We're at 80 or so. We split easily partially due to autism and bpd making our stress threshold lower.

    • TheFlowerMoonSystem


      We have 10, including one little. We were officially diagnosed this year but started forming alters at age 4

    • BabygirlsUwU


      I have 4. diagnosed last year but, it felt so weird the first time I realized that others don't have "other people" as I called them growing up that talk to them, and take the "hotseat". A shell shocker indeed! *Hot seat is another word I adapted and stuck with before knowing technical terminology*

    • Ang


      I have a polyfragmented system, so I lost count of alters after around 200. DID stems from repeated childhood trauma, so I’m gonna have to guess that I have dealt with this for my entire life. I never have a stable sense of who I am or what my life is going to look like. Not to mention losing time and forgetting things has always been an issue.

    • Brandonxbean


      We have around 30? Honestly don’t know at this point. I’ve always heard voices and had blackouts. I finally realized after my diagnosis. We all started to come together. Though I always doubt that I have DID even after a diagnosis, I still try to learn about each one and help them as much as I can just like they are helping me and each other.

    • Lunalover98


      I have 20 and I've not been diagnosed long but I have blocks in most of my memories from childhood until now so I guess since childhood

    • Chronicallyillmomma


      I have 6

    • thesickman



    • Minecraftbros54


      I think the last count was like 150? We started thinking we had it about 3 years ago but just got diagnosed.

    • thesickman


      Same here mine just is tlelpathicly talks with me not out loud

    • Dark_Johnny


      I've had it for years, but actually, I can't really tell when it started. For me it's not alternative personalities like in the movies, it feels more like I have different parts in me that sometimes hide and sometimes take control. Can you relate?

    • thesickman


      I been sick for almost year just was diagnosed past year

    • milkywaffles


      I have 5 and if i include the host then it be 6 i dont remember how long ive had this to be honest

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