Has anyone been diagnosed with Graves Disease and numbers started to look like hypothyroidism? How do you find out if you have both graves and Hashimotos? Do you swing between hyper and hypo when you have both?


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  • Dear


    So far I have not developed low thyroid /hashimoto’s. Mine has been in remission for quite some time. However, my 2 sisters and mom all have hashimotos / low thyroid. My doctors told me to expect mine to burn out at some point? It hasn’t as of yet. We keep an eye on it with all blood work to make sure it’s not high or low. Are you on medication? Your medication may need adjusting - it could be too much causing you to have low now.

  • DancingFerret


    I'm currently not on medication or treating it in any way because I hate medicine and I dont like anything medical at all. But anyway, did you do RAI to treat it enough for it to go into remission, or?

  • Costanza


    I was treated for my grave’s and a few weeks later I became hypo instead of hyper. My doctor told me it’s normal and a result of the treatment

  • Cr4fty


    If your numbers look hypothyroid you may need to adjust your medication

  • Saoirse


    From what I understand they diagnose you with Graves if they find a specific antibody in your blood. But as others have said if your numbers are fluctuating that much you should talk to your doctor

  • JennyPenny


    I have both Graves and hashimoto antibodies but my body naturally rests as hyperthyroid. I have swung into hypothyroid while on methimazole - solution is to reduce methimazole dose. Early, early treatment they reduced my methimazole dose too much too fast and I got thyroid storm. Solution was go back up on methimazole. I don't recommend taking levothyroxine if you swing hypothyroid. First have your doc reduce your anti-thyroid drug dose and/or maybe go every other day with it. It's like walking a fine line. They just want to take out my thyroid or do radiation but I'm afraid of constant hypothyroidism and THAT depressing and fatigue.

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