my case is really mild and it leads to people thinking I'm faking for attention on my bad days. how do I convince them that I have ts without showing my medical papers

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  • sinphobic


    fuck them. my case is also mild and idc if anyone believes me bc i know the truth. dont worry about other people

  • Gatorade


    I've had the same experience unfortunately with teachers and family, it can be humiliating if they continue to falsely call you out (especially if that's their fucking goal smh) so fuck them. they have zero right to see your papers let alone question you

  • Gatorade


    2nd reply bc I know "fuck em" may not be helpful lol, if you can sit everyone down and explain what your going through, what tics you have etc so they know and essentially shut their mouths, I'm rooting for you bud!!

  • bonzaibush


    You don’t have to convince anyone!!! It’s hard enough to live with TS. I also have mild TS. I have slight motor tics and I am invalidated all the time. If you ever wanna talk, I’m here!

    • LouiseS


      I’m also a very mild case with just a few motor tics and vocal tics most of which I can either suppress or you could easily brush off as “normal” things such as my hiccup tic

  • kadin97


    Anyone never had a vocal tic and had people try to say that you don't have tourettes because of it 🙄. I have had a person say that because I don't scream fuck every 10 minutes I must be lying. My family and friends and girlfriend have all very much seen me have tics for years but random strangers who claim to be experts will see me tic in some way (mine are usually focused on my eyes and shoulders and sometimes my stomach) and then be like "why did you do that?" I then explain I have tourettes and they instantly start claiming I am lying. I am a manager at my job and I have even had team members claim I must be lying. Any advice how to deal with this? I have actually went so far after being incredibly irritated at work as to bring my diognoses paperwork in to prove what I'm saying. I know that is far beneath me but I just get so tired of people who have no idea what they are talking about claiming I must be seeking attention or something.

    • Javen


      my tourettes was weird cause it got severe very fast with shouting throwing and all that fun stuff so I got a lot of looks from people which was very unpleasant. My tics overall fluctuate a lot. They'll get calm and then I'll have a tic attack and they will super loud and obvious for a couple weeks then they calm again. Its a cycle which makes things really tricky socially and I've had a lot of issues with people for that matter. Honestly as hard as it is I try not to give them the time of day and if I do I chew the hell out of them with facts and make them feel horrible. I know its bad but sometimes a tast of their own medicine works great.

  • Rivtown


    You don't owe anyone an explanation. Trying to educate them is always an option but never needs to be done by you if it bothers you. Some people just aren't willing to be open-minded and unfortunately you can't help that

  • localwyrm


    Even with severe TS, tics fluctuate. Some people go weeks or months without ticcing once, then have really bad, near-constant tics and tic attacks. It's just part of the syndrome, and while it sucks A LOT, it is normal. So your case is mild? If you have been diagnosed, then you have TS. It isn't your job to prove anything to anyone, nor is it your job to educate them. If you do want to try and convince them, the most you can do is explain how the disorder works. If they still don't understand, then you've done all you can do. I know it sucks to be called a fake or to draw attention to yourself a lot, especially with such a visible disorder, but you didn't choose to have TS, you just have to live with it. You don't have to prove anything, you know yourself better than anyone.

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