Tips on how to clean a room when motivation and focus are low? I moved home from college and have maintains of stuff that needs to be put away in the next two weeks before my friend comes from far away to visit me

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Drusilla


    One thing at a time! Divide everything into bits and do it a little at a time.

  • LostSystem


    set timers to keep you on track, make a detailed list of everything, and I mean EVERYTHING you need to do, even if it seems insignificant. Make a list of priorities and start with the most important and manageable. Play music really loud or have someone on the phone with you helping you stay focused on your task. I like chewing gum to help me focus from the stimulation. Wear outdoor shoes, like ones you would wear to work or school. Maybe do a light workout before hand to get you motivated. tale all of your things and put it on any surfaces you may want to sit or lay down on and take a break. Because theres stuff on it, you cant take a break and get distracted. And if you do take a break, set a timer and if need be entertain yourself with something that can be put down easily. I personally pike doing things all in one stretch or timeframe, so I get it dome in one day, but that may be unrealistic to you. I hope I helped!

  • AlkalineMax


    I like to do a section a day. My entire apartment needs to be cleaned? I will do the dishes one day and the laundry the next. Dont beat yourself up if you get distracted and do a different task instead, you are still making progress towards a clean space!

  • lai


    i like to turn on music i really like and break it down into tiny parts, so i feel really accomplished when i get each step done

  • smolbean64


    my strategy is get down on the floor and slowly move across my room just steadily moving some things into a different place. Not theyre exact place, but near it. Then I do it again and put it closer. Then I do it again and again until my room is shiny clean :D

  • Grumpy_Gypsy


    Accountabili-buddies! Text someone, telling them you’re gonna do something by a certain time, and then FaceTime them when that time is up to show them your progress. OR have someone on the phone with you while you get started!

  • rose.s


    Turn on music or a podcast and just make itself do it and eventually you’ll probably hyperfocus and yeah

  • Soskae


    Do a teeny tiny little section while watching or listening to something you enjoy but don’t have to focus on. You will start cleaning then get excited you’re doing it then hyper focus and you’ll end up cleaning more than you thought you could. Once everything’s clean I have a much easier time keeping it that way by developing habits that make it easier for low motivation me to get it done. For example I can’t leave dishes in the sink. I rinse every dish I finish using then put it straight into the dishwasher because the sight of a full sink makes the task unbearable. I try to get ahead of my Adhd blocks as much as possible. That being said I’m supposed to be cleaning my dresser right now and I’m not lol.

  • unicornlady90


    Tell yourself you only have to clean for 5 minutes. You can do anything for 5 minutes, right? I think you'll find that you end up completing the task because getting started is the hardest part. You can also try the pomodoro method. Set a timer for 15 minutes. Take a 5 minute break and do another 15 minutes. It also helps to figure out where you need to start first. Hope that's helpful for you.

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