my girlfriend has hsv2 and is on valtrex , I was diagnosed with hsv1 after a recent blood test to get checked out. anyone on here stayed in a relationship and not contracted hsv2 from their partner ? kind of worried about catching hsv2 and having both in case this relationship doesn't work out. we mostly are unprotected but as i said without symptoms and she is on valtrex daiy. I really like her and want to stay with her.

Herpes Simplex

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  • Late


    There's nothing u can do it progress in time

  • Gutzee


    Valtrex can help prevent the spread, but there’s not a 100% guarantee you won’t get it. I have heard that the antibodies your body has created against hsv 1 can also help protect against hsv 2, but you’d have to talk with your doctor on that. I have had hsv 2 for 5 years and haven’t spread it to any partners, at least that have shown any symptoms. Someone can have it and never show any symptoms. It’s a complicated virus. There’s obviously a social stigma but the virus itself is harmless besides some skin irritation on occasion

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