does anyone else get really upset and distressed when someone cancels last minute? my girlfriend was planning on coming over tonight and I planned my whole evening around that and she just texted me saying she is too tired to come. it’s sent me spiraling and crying and I don’t know what to do

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • daisy13


    I am so sorry about this make sure to do something you enjoy by yourself

  • wish_i_was_debonair


    Yeah that happens to me all the time. Keeping plans is something I’m really big on, but especially canceling last minute really makes me upset. This also applies to when I make time to do nothing and be alone, but someone interrupts that. To be honest I haven’t found anything that makes it easier to cope with, but I hope someone else on her does💕

  • RadiantObscurity


    I definitely get this way too. I really like to be in control of my time and how I spend it, so when my plans fall through I kind of freak out. It can be a hard feeling for me to deal with, but the best I can do is try to find a distraction. I'll watch a movie, play a game, do a hobby, eat something special, or just whatever I can think of to 1) get my mind off of how upset I am, and 2) try to have a good time even though I didn't get to do what I actually wanted.

  • Rudolf


    Yes this happens to me too. My brain likes a very specific schedule and if one little thing changes, everything is thrown off and I get very frustrated.

  • StrawberryMilk


    Yup this is a quite normal reaction for us autties. I’ll go nuts and have meltdowns or get very irritated… aahh!

  • Tired247


    Yes it happens to me. It's completely normal. It happens also when someone is late or something doesn't happen right when people said it would. Very normal reaction for those. When it happens, I usually just say "It's okay, things happen sometimes, let's focus on me and my needs" and then either listen to calming music, colour/draw, watch YouTube, or just vent to one of my plushies or statues.

  • Sydie_Bear


    I do too all the time omg

  • FigureSkater03


    Yes it’s distressing for me as well when other cancel last minute .

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