I am really struggling with being self conscious about conversation. I feel as though I'm being self centered like I always turn the situation or conversation into a topic about me. I don't mean to, but I want to connect with other. I tell a story or try to relate to others, but I don't mean to make it about me.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • NyQuill


    I made it a habit to say “thank you for listening to me, etc” instead of apologizing. I’m relearning to trust people to tell me what they are thinking. When saying that, I’m hoping they understand that I am trying to make a connection with them. Being human is hard.

  • Vibesbyangel


    Same as the last comment

  • aevyn


    Wow Boobear98, you just put into words my exact struggle. I am always trying to work on it, and I have good days and bad days. One thing I try to do is any time someone else shares something, I ask at least one follow-up question (even if I don't really care).

  • Flood_Damage


    I do the same thing- constantly talk about myself and don’t ask others about themselves. I didn’t realize it until my mom pointed it out to me and I was super embarrassed because criiiiinge. I read a meme once and it said something along the lines of when someone is opening up or sharing a story with you, don’t go straight to bc of how it relates to you. And that made a whole lotta sense to me.

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