So I don't really know what to do.
Lately I've been inwardly depressed. I
walk around and talk to everyone and
laugh and seem happy but my
thoughts are intrusive and I feel like
poop most of the time. Part of me feels
I should go to a inpatient but I can't. i
filled my schedule so I would have no
downtime to be sad. I also feel like if I
went I'd let everyone down. Since I'm
busy all or March and April I probably
wouldn't be able to go to the hospital
till may. I've also thought about
stopping taking my meds but I know
my moods swing hardcore when I'm off
them and I don't want to let anyone
down. Part of me wants to start self
harming again but I'm going to Florida
at the end of March and I can't let
people down. Everyone thinks I'm
doing well. I mean I'm a A honor
student and I'm in all these activities,
shouldn't I be happy? :(


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  • Knightstarr


    There are a lot of self-care apps that can help. I am a person who is good at caring for others and not so good at caring for myself. I recently found an app that I am actually finding helpful. It is called Finch and you take care of a penguin by doing tasks that are taking care of yourself. But seriously there are tons of different ones. You can find one or two that you like and just use them when you can. The more you like them the more you want to use them the more you take care of yourself and it actually can be fun. Hope that helps you

  • Heidi23



  • Alykat


    If you don’t feel happy don’t force it. You are not a burden and your feelings are valid. I was in the same boat and spiraled hard. I tried to take my life, I’m here if you need someone to vent too.

  • Phenix


    I’m not a doctor but I’ve tried many times to stop meds cold turkey & every time I worse than I remembered. If the meds aren’t working well you should see if your psych can try something different. Take care of yourself ❤️

  • ballsack_coke_rack


    ❤️ ❤️

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