I want to start using she/they pronouns because she/her just feels too restricting. But I am still female and identify as that. I don’t want to be judged by other people. I’m struggling to work out who I am.

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  • Weds


    Hey! I’m happy you’re trying to figure out who you are and how you identify. I think if you change your pronouns and someone judges you for that or can’t handle it then that’s their fault and maybe they shouldn’t be in your life. I hope this is helpful, you deserve to identify however you want. :)

  • justyourlocalcryptid


    hi! as some who is nonbinary and also identifies as transgender, I think we’ve been seeing a shift towards a better understanding of gender…despite all the backlash. I’ve seen some who use she/they pronouns say that their identity feels like “woman+”, almost more expansive. others feel some disconnect from womanhood for whatever reason(s). as long as you’re an ally to trans and nonbinary people, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with acknowledging a possibly more nonbinary aspect of your identity. I saw in another post that you’re also questioning your sexuality, know you’re not straight, etc. sometimes sexuality can complicate gender identity, gender nonconformity has always existed in the lesbian community and some lesbians use different pronouns to express that. even if you’re not a lesbian, your relationship to gender could be affected by feeling limited by gender roles or heteronormativity. I don’t know your experience but these are just some possibilities. the community has always been divided but many will support you 🏳️‍🌈 💕

    • Yenn


      thank you so much. Just to know that someone understands and that I’m not offending anyone non-binary by this means a lot. ❤️

      • justyourlocalcryptid


        certainly! again, there will always be people, but I think plenty of people will be understanding and supportive. genderqueer could be something you relate to, but you don’t have to label it either 💗

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