Trying to find a natural way to stop gout attacks. They are much less severe but I get them at least once a month. I try to be good about drinking lemon water, baking soda water and apple cider vinegar. Wanted to know if anyone found something better or in addition to those drinks to use also.


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  • inthe


    I took control of my diet. I found red sauces were my problem. Specifically those with green pepper & onion. Spaghetti, salsa, pizza, etc. At first I thought it was tomato. The combo must create too much gas. Also I found a product called CuraMed with plenty of Curcumin as main ingredient. It takes care of inflammation in the gut.

    • inthe


      Side note. That is preventive. I've found nothing that stops it when it starts. Basically I just have to wait for it to pass through my gut.

    • Cefau


      pizza has yeast in it, one of the highest in purines.

  • Lennyk


    Tart cherry works well

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