What symptoms will indicate my condition is progressing?

Kidney Stones

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  • GarisMoelp


    This has been a slightly new diagnosis for me. I’m drinking a lot of water and that has helped flush little stones. I’m trying to go see my nephrologist.

  • Mark88


    The problem with kidney stones is that aside from episodes of pain and infections, they can worsen your renal function without you knowing at all. I suggest monthly bloodwork and follow-up with a doctor.

  • MrsReynolds2017


    I was just diagnosed with chronic obstructive pyelonephritis. Mark88 is right. I am 33, didnt know I had a stone causing a blockage. I knew something was off, but my PCP didn't listen. It caused chronic infections and swelling. My right kidney no longer functions and I am preparing for a laparoscopic nephrectomy. Keep an eye on everything. Push for your doctor to evaluate too

    • theMeg


      Holy balls, sending you good energy ❤️ 😥

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