Hi, I’m new. I have many issues but am struggling right now with blisters forming on my legs & draining. They are quite painful & drain a lot, so much that it is difficult to be with my legs not elevated due to pressure & drainage. Any suggestions?

Cellulitis & Abscess

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  • kimberry


    Go to doctor it sounds like cellulitis I have been dealing with it since November

  • BleachBum


    Hello I'm also new here. I've had cellulitis for almost 3 years now. In the cold weather it's manageable , warm / hot weather it comes back. I , like you , get blisters on my lower legs as well as my face (worse on face). One thing I discovered through the years is IMMEDIATELY placing a cloth bandaid over it particularly DIRECTLY after showering as the sore will be open & hasn't had time to scab over yet. When you take the bandaid off after 12 hours , you'll see how much the bandaid has soaked up. It helps with pain ALOT. I've seen a MRSA & general skin specialist. One thing that saved me BIG TIME was this pink foam called "Hibicleanse". They use this skin cleaner in hospitals & before surgery. Super clean & sterile. It helps after you shower to put the Hibicleanse all over ur legs & then rinse. Hope I helped even a little :)

  • Weneli


    Thanks for this information I just had cellulitis and abscess on my face for the first time. It's really hard to deal with because it's on my face.

  • Weneli


    BTW, what's draining and where does it go?

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