anyone got any advice to go just one day without feeling awful. every day i go to school and it’s the exact same. i try to have good days, i try to make things better, i try to look on the bright side but it never works. intense fear over nothing, constant intrusive thoughts, my head feels so heavy every day. it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning and i’m late almost daily kms. my head always feel fuzzy and i feel like a zombie most days lol plz help ('ν';)

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • SourLemons


    i totally empathize. today was my first day of classes for the term and it's already been a bit rough (profs wasted no time for it being so early in the year...). the monotony, the trying to have a better day and struggling to, the fear and brain fog, i'm right there with you. i can't say that what might work for me would work for you, but maybe it'd help to schedule you time separately from any school or social life, to take each morning (or night tbh) to meditate and relax, or to go on aimless walks. i do these things now and then to try to relieve the pressure daily life puts on me. i hope things look up for you in the future, OP. sending hugs ♡

    • me0ww


      yeah, it sucks man i’m really sorry you have to deal with this stuff too. i really appreciate your advice and i’ll try my best to put it into action :P

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