Thinking of getting off my meds. I went two years without the meds a few years ago and want to see if I can do it again


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  • Mnx


    What happened

  • shellybear333


    Don't try it I know you feel like you don't need it but you do

  • Insane_Llama


    It honestly depends on how well you can "control" it. I was on meds for a year and they did more harm than good. I havent taken anything sense.

    • Todd6521


      how do you control it?

      • Insane_Llama


        Its something I personally accidently did. Not saying you should do it, but i spent about 2 years by myself not trying to do anything about it. Letting anything happen, there were so many times i wasn't in control of my own body. It just kept getting worse. It sounds weird to say, but Ive adapted with it.Its one of those things where you have to be fully aware and accepting.

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