I am newly diagnosed. What are some remedies that have help you so far?

Chronic interstitial cystitis


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  • anemone


    aloe vera capsules (i take 50 mg 2x daily, i use swanson brand but the best brand is desert harvest), corn silk (i take a cranberry/uva ursi/corn silk supplement), drink at LEAST 64 oz water daily. another one recommended to me is a supplement called "bladder rest" - i haven't used it but i've heard great things. metamucil/ensuring you have daily bowel movements is also important. vaginal estradiol if you're in/post menopause, have had hysterectomy, or take testosterone. pelvic floor therapy is also amazingly helpful. you can also change your diet to avoid trigger foods like alcohol, vinegar, lemon, tomato, and cranberry - other acidic foods too, but those were my big ones. you can find ic diets online or ask the doctor who diagnosed you. and in the moment/when you have a flare, heating pads, phenazopyridine (look for azo, check the box to make sure its phenazopyridine and not their cranberry supplement), and ibuprofen (helps with inflammation) or your favourite otc painkiller can help. some recommend baking soda in water but it doesn't seem to do anything for me and my uro says it seems unlikely to work (the idea is neutralizing acids - but by the time youre in a flare, the acid has already reached your bladder). let me know if i can clarify on anything

  • Alice99


    I would second the aloe vera capsules, but my urogyn had me start on 300mg once a day so I guess you could find what is enough for you! I also take gabapentin and that has made a significant difference in acute pain for me but I know its definitely not for everyone. Physical therapy is also fantastic if you can find someone that specializes in pelvic floor conditions!

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